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[03 Dec 2009|11:37am]
i miss you, livejournal <3
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[30 Sep 2007|11:48pm]

i just have to say that out of all the new shows that have been coming out lately... my personal favorite and possibly the funniest new show that i have seen is 'its always sunny in philadelphia'!

my tummy hurts from laughing so hard; and i love love LOVE charlie day!!!

p.s. i think they should rename the show to its always funny in philadelphia... and not just because i keep on typing it, accidentally.

p.s.s.s.s.s.s. i saw the 1st episode of the new season of dexter and thought it was exciting, and riveting, and plot-thickening! (sidenote... when i was little i used to think it was "POT-thickening". i thought it was some sort of pottery terminology hah)
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[28 Sep 2007|01:04pm]
i am now working 4 jobs lol its great. im paying off all my debt. im going to start saving money. i see good things happening from now on. im going to go shopping today on my day off because i actually feel that i have earned it for the first time in a long time. side note: lipton raspberry white tea is the greatest thing in the whole world.
paul is getting on my nerves and i just have to get out of this house.

i cannot wait for m.i.a.! we've got a huge group going now. we're going to go out to dinner first and then to the show. we're celebrating paul's birthday that night too and im buying him his ticket. and his own fucking deoderant so he stops using mine lol. plus, its just weird when your big brother walks around smelling like a pretty lady lol.
im done my tummy hurts and im going to go take a shower and get ready to shop. =) (and wait by my cell phone til max calls)
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